Mapping & Genotyping

We offer a complete mapping/genotyping service using microsatellites and insertion/deletion markers in Arabidopsis and microsatellite markers in Wheat using the ABI3700 capillary sequencer. We also provide a run-only service for clients using microsatellites or AFLP markers in a wide range of different organisms. In addition we offer support for a "do-it-yourself" SNP detection and real-time sequencing facility using pyrosequencer technology.

Details of all samples must now be submitted online. If you have never used the online system you will need to create yourself an account (follow the instructions on the screen). Within your account are links to sample submission requirements and the online sample entry form. When your samples have been run, your result files will be available for download from within your account.

Please drop off samples in the freezer in the Genome Centre Foyer.

online sample submission
Contact :
Jane Kirby for more information at:

£1.00 per Sample ABI or Pyro Run


The John Innes has developed six Arabidopsis Recombinant Inbred Lines which are in the process of being genotyped for QTL mapping. These RILs were developed to promote the exploitation of natural variation to identify traits of agronomic interest. Seed of these lines is available upon request.